Success Stories

I have loosely been trading on my own for the past 10 years and have had some success followed by some catastrophic losses. I joined this service around a year ago and started buying when alerts came out or shortly thereafter. Never all in but buying when able and adding when the DD proved there was even a bigger run coming. I truly have had some astounding repeated winners and gains in the last 12 months . Several have made moderate gains and continue to run up. I still hold a core in a lot that have turned into Monster runners. Real results with well over $90,000 in net returns in just one of my accounts in 2016. I still hold several of the big 2016 runners and expect to do even better this year. Thanks Rigatoni for all the DD and groundwork you do!


Dr. M

Over the years I’ve come to know Rigatoni’s stock trading and investing abilities well. His strong acumen for the stock market has consistently been characterized by comprehensive and tenacious due diligence – consistently uncovering an overlooked or under appreciated stock and successfully evaluating it’s investment potential through examining it’s SEC filings and discussions with the various CEOs. In this manner, from my experience, Rigatoni separates the wheat from the chaff and vastly improves the playing field in the favor of those who follow his lead. I wholeheartedly recommend to you StocksbyRigatoni.


It’s dangerous out there. They want to take your money, steal from you and leave you penniless.  They will look you in the eye and then rob you blind.  If you think I’m referring to my experiences in Law Enforcement, well you would have been wrong.  I’m talking about the stock market.  If you are uniformed and not prepared, YOU ARE going to get hurt. But, just as in Law Enforcement, if you have a good partner, one you can TRUST and literally depend on for your life, then you have a fighting chance. And for your experiences in the stock market your partner should be Rigatoni.  Rigatoni does the due diligence-he does the investigating, the interviewing and interrogation. He separates fact from fiction.  He finds the winners amongst the pretenders.  He produces.  My account since following his research and recommendations has increased to where it is now into six figures. I highly recommend Rigatoni. Make him your partner.
Captain Lou,
New Jersey


Stepping into the trading arena can be daunting at any level.  Knowing where to look for and find potential investment opportunities is key.  When it comes to stocks there are, unfortunately, a number of sources that mislead investors with excessive promotion or truth bundled neatly together with twisted facts and exaggeration.  Having to wade through and sort fact from fiction is time consuming and costly.

I have followed Rigatoni for upwards of 10 years now.  He has consistently delivered an honest, low-key, methodical, logical presentation of facts and information.  It is concise, organized, timely, and thorough enough for me to quickly determine if a particular stock fits into the criteria I need to build my portfolio.  

Rigatoni does all the groundwork.  I have the opportunity to then select and focus on a limited number of investments.  This, essentially, is the only reason I am even able to invest  as my schedule does not allow for much trading time.
The quality of his stock picks are documented.  They speak for themselves.  It is truly a blessing that he is willing to share his work.  Thank you, Rigatoni.

When I met Ron on the chat boards, I had been trading myself for about 2 years in OTC.  I had significant business background but nothing that prepared me for day trading.  I had been meeting with far more failure than success and was rapidly depleting my portfolio account.  Ron before i even joined his trading service had taken to helping me out utilizing his own valuable time and at no cost.  He never even mentioned his service until weeks into communicating.  I very quickly realized what Due diligence and trading advice could be had by an expert like him.  It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.  Since joining his trading service, Not only have I made up all the significant losses over the previous 2 years, I consistently am green.  His uncanny knack for picking real stocks with a fundamental basis for huge moves, but his timing of early and near bottom entries more importantly decreases the risk of trading.  In just 6 months I am somewhere in the vicinity of 150K of profits and would be even more if I had timed my sells correctly.  And I have many long positions I am waiting to run huge.  So who knows how high I will be in a mother 6 months.  I cannot thank you enough Ron for all that you do for us in your service.  It has been a lifesaver for me and has taught me more than I ever thought I could know at this stage in my trading career.  THANK YOU!!!!!!=
Dr. I

I was down a lot of money when I started with (Ron)., In about 4 months I am back in the positive ! I am now up and continue to grow my portfolio each day. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on services that say they will give you 100% wining trades but this service is totally different Ron always find nice DD which have huge probability to Win. I have been positively overwhelmed by many aspects of your service Ron, and equally impressed by as a person. I see honesty, a passionate desire to teach and to help others, and altruism very rarely seen in the world. This Service is the best out there for a wide range of reasons. First, you won’t find any other person in this industry who is transparent and honest.

As a working professional, I do not have enough time to pay attention to a large watch list of companies and their news etc. This is where Rigatoni Picks helps me out – RON does this work for you!

 All I can say is if you want to quit your job, be your own boss, earn a good income, this is the place to be.. If you are looking for a service where you can educate yourself and become a better trader than give this service a try.

This is all thank to your awesome service!!

Great service !